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Pcmodel version 10.0
    Serena Software announces the release of version 10.0 of Pcmodel.  Completely redesigned with a new user interface, built with cross platform tools, we can once again support Linux, Windows 7 and Mac OsX. 


New Features include: 

Redesigned user interface

Orbital and animated Vibration display

Automate conformational search output to Gaussian Input

Batch process Gaussian output and Boltzmann weighted plots of IR, NMR and VCD spectra

Direct support for Gaussian 09

Direct support for Mopac2012

CIF files and tools for building repeated crystallographic units.


Among the many reasons for using Pcmodel are:

·           OpenGL graphics engine for high quality graphics (staring with version 9.0)

·           Easy, intuitive builder for Organic, Bio, and Organometallic molecules

·           Builders for Peptides, Sugars, Nucleic Acids

·           CIF files and builder for supercells (including fractional occupancies)

·           Geometry optimization using molecule mechanics force fields - MMX, MM3, MMFF94, Oplsaa or United Atom

·           Central force field model for Organometallic molecules

·           Conformational searching using any of the included force fields

·           Display of Molecular Orbitals and Densities

·           Compute and/or display Normal Vibrational Modes

·           Query distance, angles, dihedrals, chirality and nmr coupling constants

·           Run Mopac2012 or Gaussian09 from Pcmodel

·           Interfaces to many quantum chemistry programs including Gaussian, Gamess, Turbomole, Mopac2012

·           Read and Write many types of chemical information files including: PDB, SDF, MM3,  Mol2, XYZ

·           Limited support for MD using LAMMPS

·           Make and Play Movies (avi format)

·           Support for Windows, Macintosh OsX and Linux

·           Low cost, no license managers and site licenses


Upcoming Meetings

Stop by and visit and let us know what you want to see in the next version of Pcmodel which is under active development. We will be in San Francisco for the upcoming (August 2014) meeting. Booth 937.



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